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Hello! And how are my favorite Suffragettes and Suffragents doing?


As I was doing some "light" reading into the laws in U.S. states other than Wisconsin, I was emailed several news articles today about Tennessee. And it BLEW MY MIND! So, we're going to start there. So far, not all the states seem to have been mentioned during this War on Women, but let's investigate, shall we? I was going to do several states, but since reading about Tennessee, I think we'll do this one today.




Okay. So, basically, the anti-evolution bill (See above links) - which is also named the "Monkey Bill" - (cue hysterical laughter here) is about allowing teachers to help students challenge or question evolution, creationism, etc. Now, it sounds like that would be a good thing, but since students can and do question and challenge what they're taught anyway, what's really going on? Take Global Warming, for an example, since almost every blog and article I came across referenced this. The best way to explain this is to directly quote one of the blogs:


"The month of March has seen unprecedented heat and temperatures. A rational thinking, scientifically-grounded individual could only posit, "Well, hmm, I bet climate change has something to do with the fact that in Madison, WI, it is 80 degrees in mid-March. Sometimes it's 60 or 70 degrees colder than this!"

While that individual would be positing something that is the well-accepted scientific consensus, in some states, under law, that is only a "controversial theory among other theories."



Or in other words, teachers can help students question science - even PROVEN science..a sneaky way to get some religion into school. Nothing wrong with questioning things. That's how you learn, but doing something so underhanded like this is exactly how these lawmakers function.


Next. Hand holding. Is anyone else trying to pick their jaws up off the floor? Ridiculous. Anyways, here's the info on that one.



What is it with lawmakers thinking of sex so often? Are they really that deprived that they feel that everyone else must suffer along with them? Stopping kids from seeing public affection (as

in hand holding, kisses) and preventing them from learning about anything other than abstinence will get you nowhere. Fast. If anything, these kids will go out and find out what's going on for themselves. And yet again, the rise in teen pregnancies, abortion and abuse will rise. This is going to hell in a handbasket, and I feel like a bystander that's just been whipped by the breath of Charon, the ferryman of Hades as he rushes by. ( That's greek, for those who want to know)


Basically all the bill states is that hand-holding, kissing, any sign of affection by anyone, kids, teachers, etc. is paramount to sex, it leads to sex, it leads to promiscuity. Last time I checked, a hug didn't mean I wanted to have sex with them. Next they're going to say that girls can't hang out together because it promotes lesbianism.


Next up is: 


Now, Tennessee has had a bill that allows prosecutors to charge someone for harming a viable fetus past the  32nd week for a fairly long time. But now, they're changing it. Now, they’re looking to criminalize harm to embryos, This could potentially include miscarriages, as it would be up to the woman to prove she miscarried naturally and not because she did something to cause it. Men, listen up, this means you get to do EVERYTHING for a pregnant woman, because your woman will get charged with manslaughter if she lifts something heavy and miscarries as a result! It's just another, more creative way of restricting women.


Have I missed anything? If I have, please do let me know. Because (like I always say) to be informed, you must have information. 


That's all I've got time to write this evening, but tomorrow's blog will hopefully include all the states that have restrictive laws against women. In other words, tomorrow's blog might be pretty long. Make sure you have a coffee, tea or alcoholic beverage in front of you so you can enjoy!


So, my friends, again I leave you with this little love note: All of you working so hard to help fight this War on Women, you inspire me, you give me strength, you make me proud. Keep up the good work!


Please feel free to leave a comment, question, etc. I welcome all.


With the best of Regards,


An Ordinary Woman

April 21, 2012

*this letter can be shared, however I do not authorize any alterations.



Krystina J is a Women's Rights Advocate and a Gay Rights Advocate.  This article is republished here by her permission.


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